Private cloud

We enable small medium enterprises and companies to build their own cloud with security and control. Our cloud experts closely work with the clients and provide the finest solutions based on the custom requirement of each business. To achieve goals and object we provide a great deal of flexibility with a variety of options.

Virtual desktops

These days, a wide range of small-medium enterprises and individual businesses are utilizing virtual desktops to increase efficiency and effectiveness. We will provide a virtual desktop which is hosted with cloud services. Our virtual desktop service can provide a tremendous benefit to small businesses, without trying up to the manpower and capital.

Email domain and hosting

HP Computer Services stand out from the crowd and provide email domain and hosting at affordable rates. Our email domain and hosting service can handle loads of traffic and ensure reliability and the highest performance. Our domain hosting service can be integrated with WordPress which can be installed with one click. Reach us today and get a high-quality email domain and hosting service.

Backup and disaster recovery

Our Backup and disaster recovery (BDR) is the perfect combination of craftsmanship and experience which ensure small businesses keep continuing business operations effectively and efficiently. Our Backup and disaster recovery (BDR) servers can play a significant role to store, retrieve, and access the data remotely.

Application hosting

Whether you want to start a forum, create a blog, use CMS, wiki, upload your photos, or want to create an e-commerce application, HP Computer Services is the best answer. We provide robust and customizable CMS solutions with high-quality data functionality application hosting services. Reach us today and ensure your application remain scalable for years to come.

Corporate telephony

HP Computer Services provides a unified communication system that serves all types of business. Our corporate telephony is effective for an array of calling, collaboration, and mobile feature which is available on the several plans. Contact us today and get high-quality corporate telephony service at affordable service plans.

PBX and VOIP Airtime

We provide a cloud-based phone system for businesses with easy-to-use features. Our PBX and VOIP airtime will benefit all types of small and medium enterprises that have more phone than a phone line. HP Computer Services’ PBX and VOIP airtime service will help your business to get connected to all office desk phone on the same network.

AVM's and CLI's

AWM and CLI moving into a new market segment. The presence of an integrated modem enables business and home networks to use the internet seamlessly. AWM and CLI are easy to use which can be used with many cordless telephones. If you want to get an unmatched user experience with AWM and CLI, reach us today.

Hybrid cloud

Hybrid cloud is the mixed computing and service storage that is made up of private and public networks. Our Hybrid cloud services will help small businesses to maximize their productivity and increase greater flexibility by moving through a cost-effective solution. Contact us today and get a seamless hybrid clouding experience.

PBX installation

HP Computer Services is the one-window solution for all types of business. We provide high-quality installation, maintenance, and PBX support services. Our PBX installation and configuration service solution enable businesses to switch calls between VOIP and external phone lines seamlessly.

Call centre setup and installation

Our Call centre setup and installation will contribute to connecting internal and external users of the company effectively. To set up and install a call centre, we establish goals and objectives, determine the setup type (virtual or on-site), quote the offer, decide the software (cloud-based or browser-based), configure software, and create a robust call centre. Our goal is to reach beyond the expectation by providing the best call centre setup, installation, and recovery plan. Contact us today and get high- quality services.

IT Support

HP Computer Services stands out from the crowd and provides high-class IT support solutions for all types of businesses at affordable rates. Our IT support solution is backed by specialist IT engineers who know how to resolve the complex problem and ensure the reliability to run your business continuously.

Provide hardware and software

HP Computer Services is the one-stop-shop which create difference by offering a wide range of service. HP Computer Services not only offers installation, configuration, backup, corporate telephony, etc. but also hardware and software for several business operations. Reach us today and get a one-window solution for your business.

Data Management

We will help small-medium enterprises and companies to ingest, store, organize and maintain data by deploying IT systems. Our data management service is useful to make strategic decisions. Our service will relieve your business to use the information remotely.


HP Computer Services provides the finest LTE network solution that fits your business needs. We specialize in installation and implementing processes from start to finish. We are the complete solution for LET for towers, radios, user equipment, software, and management. Reach us today and get a seamless integration experience.

Fiber supply and Installation

We provide innovative fiber supply and Installation solutions for a wide range of businesses nationwide. We enable businesses to reduce operational costs and speed time to revenue with high-quality fiber supply and installation services. With us, clients can get safe and secured fiber supply and installation services.